Turn around time:
For all my dyed to order products turn around time is 4-8 weeks for me to dye and ship your yarn. Once it's shipped I have no control over it and you should reference your tracking number and deal with the shipping company for any issues.
If the product does not meet your expectations please contact me and I will try to resolve the issue. Returns will only be issued if it has been within 2 weeks of receiving the product, and if the skeins are in their original condition (ie, label still intact and not unwound). Original shipping costs will not be refunded and customer will cover return shipping costs. 
Low Stock/Large Orders:
Due to the nature of listing inventory on my website, I have to say I have a certain number of a product in order for you to purchase them. Keeping the available inventory at 10 allows me to better make sure I have the time and inventory to be fulfilling orders. If something is showing as out of stock/low stock or you would like more than 10, message me and I'll see if I have space for a large order or can increase stock. 
Accessibility Discount:
Although hand dyed yarn is a luxury, I love being able to make it more accessible to more people. I offer these discounts to those who may be financially tight, or for those who require a large amount of skeins to make a garment that fits wonderfully. I'm still learning the best way to handle this discount, both for me and my customer. If you can afford to pay full price I would really appreciate your support in my work, as I do work very hard to get this yarn dyed, however I am happy to provide this discount for those who are unable. Right now I have a code for 10% off a purchase of $168 or more (the cost of 6 skeins).  This code is 10OFF. The second code is for 15% off an order of $252 or more (the cost of 9 skeins). This code is 15OFF.  This means that colorway and base can be mixed and matched. Make your many colored sweater, I won't stop you.